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ESSAE Volunteer Opportunities

With the exception of standing committees, ESSAE is moving away from the traditional model of committee service to one that affords the member the opportunity to contribute in the manner best suited to his/her busy schedule. This new model creates a way for anyone, anywhere to help by providing guidance and suggestions when they are needed most. Benefiting from your expertise no longer means you have to be physically present!

Get Involved! Involvement is your opportunity to influence the direction and focus of your professional society. Using all available technologies, ESSAE will utilize your advice and guidance while keeping your time and travel to a minimum. By participating in projects and opportunities you can:

• Meet with your peers and expand your circle of valuable business contacts

• Share your association expertise with other industry professionals as well as learn more about a new segment of association management or gather new ideas for your current area

• Participate in planning the Society’s programs and activities to help shape the future of ESSAE

We will be reaching out to members to sign up under task force areas for special projects, as well as participate in micro-volunteering opportunities, such as panelists, speakers, greeters, discussion facilitators, evaluation collectors, resume reviewers, speaker introducers, etc.  You can participate in micro-volunteer opportunities whenever it fits your schedule. Please take a look at the many opportunities below to see where and how you would like to be involved and respond to this email with your selections.

Standing Committees:

__ Bylaws Committee – reviews the bylaws and considers proposals for changes submitted by members; prepares proposed bylaws amendments for review by the board and approval by the membership.

__ Finance Committee – reviews the financial status and makes recommendations regarding the allocation and investment of its financial resources; advises the board regarding financial policies and positions, and prepares an annual budget for its approval. Treasurer chairs committee.

__ Nominating Committee – reviews board nomination submissions and recommends a slate of board candidates to the membership for election at the Society’s annual meeting. Immediate past chair of board chairs committee.

Ongoing Task force areas:

__ Association Leadership Academy (ALA) – reviews and refines the program structure and marketing/fundraising strategies.

__ Awards Panel – reviews submissions and determines recipients of annual ESSAE awards.

__ Expo – develops ideas and innovations for the annual exhibit.

__ Government Affairs – monitors, analyzes and recommends to the board association positions on legislation impacting associations.

__ Marketing – develops and implements plans for marketing ESSAE through media, industry and other appropriate vehicles.

__ Membership – develops and implements membership recruitment and retention strategies and creates new member services.

__ Program – assists in the identification of programming that provide opportunities for knowledge exchange, networking and specialized training.

__ Web Resources – helps review, develop and improve ESSAE’s web presence by building online resources and enhance accessibility.

Task forces are created and activated on an as-needed basis and may include additional areas should the need arise

Micro-Volunteering Options:

__ Panelist/Speaker (please indicate area of expertise):

__ Greeter

__ Discussion facilitator

__ Evaluation collector

__ Resume reviewer

__ Speaker introducer

__ Other (let us know if you’d like to get involved in a way we haven’t mentioned):

For more information or if you have questions, call the ESSAE staff at 518-463-1755 or e-mail us at or

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