2017 Compensation & Benefits Study

A must-read for association CEO's, CFO's, board members and human resource professionals. The Empire State Society of Association Executives Study was produced with the Association Societies Alliance and Whorton Marketing & Research and includes data from 1,315 association across the US, including members and non-members of 26 Societies of Association Executives. 

The national study compares compensation across states for 39 positions. The full national and state reports present detailed compensation overall by budget and staff ranges, geographic scope and membership structure, and by state. 

ESSAE's Compensation & Benefits Study includes:

  1. Relevant data that can be used in making salary and benefit recommendations.
  2. Provides compensation information for 39 job classifications.
  3. Offers comparisons based on salaries, budget sizes, staff size, and membership size.
  4. National summary and state-by-state comparisons.
  5. Retirement, insurance and health benefits, including staff and CEO-specific data.
  6. Contract conditions, performance review and bonus summaries.

Among many other statistics, the 2017 Compensation & Benefits Study found that:

  • 401(k) retirement plans are offered by 58% of survey participants.
  • For CEO/ED's, mean salaries rose 3.7%
  • 49% of CEO/Executive Director positions are held by women
  • Organizations spend a median of $2,000 for CEO Professional development

ESSAE's 2017 Compensation & Benefits Study is available for purchase at the following rates:

Member - $125 
Non-Member - $200

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