Call for Presenters and Session Facilitators

The ESSAE Program Committee is currently looking for experienced thought leaders, industry innovators, and dynamic presenters who can engage their audience and initiate thought-provoking discussions focused on learnings that can help us grow and advance the association community.

The Annual Conference and Trade Show will be held on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, at the Albany Capital Center in Albany, New York, and will be ESSAE's first in-person educational event in over 12 months! 

The Annual Conference & Trade Show is the premier association and meeting professionals conference and trade show in upstate New York. The annual one-day conference is about professional development, networking, and showcasing products and services, and is the place to interact with key decision-makers in the association and hospitality industries. This event celebrates the true partnership of our association colleagues, meeting professionals, and exhibiting partners across New York State.

The Program Committee Chooses Content Leaders
ESSAE has a volunteer-led Program Committee that will review content submissions and extend invitations to potential speakers and content leaders.

Exposure to the Association Community!
Speaking at an ESSAE event is a high-value marketing opportunity. Many of ESSAE’s members look to current and former ESSAE content leaders when they need to hire a speaker for an event, so speaking at ESSAE is great exposure to ESSAE’s association community.

Submissions will be reviewed by the ESSAE staff and Program Committee. Submit your presentation proposal(s) to [email protected] by Friday, June 25, 2021. You can also use our online form to submit your proposal

All submissions should include:

  • Name, Credentials, Title, Organization, Email Address, Phone, City & State
  • Session Title, Description, and Learner Outcomes
  • Speaker Biography

Based on a recent education survey, the Program Committee is specifically interested in receiving session proposals that provide in-depth discussions on the following topics: 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

  • Expanding DEI culture within the association and membership
  • Implicit bias, actionable steps, difficult conversations
  • Board's role as an agent of change and leadership development
  • Priorities & Policies
  • Authentic & effective program development
  • Incorporating DEI as part of educational programming consideration

Association Legal Issues, Financial Training, Ethics, and Governance

  • Board & Staff Relations
  • Ethics Training
  • Board governance and practices for associations
  • Accounting practices/training for small-staff organizations

Human Capital, Staffing, Talent, and Labor Policies

  • Addressing talent gaps and career training
  • Labor policies and NYS HR issues (post-pandemic)
  • Workforce shortage
  • Work-Life Balance, Mental Health, Well-Being
  • Leadership training and professional development
  • Leading teams (small and large)
  • Generation Issues: Remote vs In-Person Labor

Membership & Member Services 

  • Retention, Recruitment, Renewals
  • Recruitment & Engagement - Expectations post-pandemic
  • Retention post-pandemic and long-term growth
  • Digital membership development strategies
  • Enhancing value / evaluating ROI of programs & services
  • Non-Dues Revenue

Marketing & Communications / Technology & Social Media Engagement

  • Strategic marketing and result tracking
  • New marketing strategies for associations
  • Communications techniques, tools, and creative content design
  • Social media marketing and content creation
  • Apps/Tips/Tricks
  • Online Engagement
  • New tech tools

Hybrid & In-Person Events

  • Pricing hybrid events / AV costs / Technology Concerns
  • Increase virtual event engagement and discussion
  • Networking models for virtual events
  • Engaging Vendors to support virtual/hybrid events
  • Bridge the gap between remote and in-person learning/learners
  • Impact of hybrid/virtual events with limited resources
  • State Guidelines, best practices, and legal liabilities for future in-person events
  • In-Person protocols, testing, and safety measures
  • New event contract considerations

Submissions will be reviewed by the ESSAE staff and Program Committee. Submit your presentation proposal(s) to [email protected] by Friday, June 25, 2021. You can also use our online form to submit your proposal

Be sure to let us know if your presentation will include any of the following elements:

  • Live Polling
  • Small-Group Discussions
  • Q&A or Panel Discussion
  • Facilitated Roundtables
  • Other Form of Audience Engagement (please provide details)

Tips for your proposals

Content is king - If you really want to impress the ESSAE audience, pack your presentation with powerful content. 

Make it compelling - The ESSAE audience is composed of association executives, their staff, meeting professionals, and industry partners who run the gamut from hotel sales managers to professional service providers and consultants. Learning levels are diverse, with most participants being high-level/theoretical to mid-level/practical.

Be authentic and vulnerable - Don't be afraid to speak of failure as well as success.

Customize - Be sure your content truly speaks to the association audience and is customized to their unique situations.

Knowledge sharing is the most effective marketing!

While we have captured many topic suggestions from our survey results, the list above is not an exhaustive one! Don't see your topic listed? Submit anyway! We are happy to receive your creative presentation ideas.  

Professional development opportunities are more important now than ever before. Helping to develop employee skills, boost morale, and improve recruitment efforts.

  • Employees who participate in professional development are more engaged, loyal, and committed to meeting their company’s challenges.
  • Employees who apply new skills and knowledge to their work help their company become more competitive.

We remain committed to offering a robust learning experience, including education sessions and networking opportunities in support of your association career