Mentor Program

Ever face a task, challenge or decision at work and wonder how a seasoned professional might handle it? Wish there were someone you could bounce your career goals and strategies off who can provide some meaningful feedback? Want a more personal approach to gaining insight into the association community?

Here are some common mentor/mentee activities:

  • Talking together (about the mentee’s past experiences, goals, plans, and skills as well as the mentor’s career path; useful problem solving strategies)
  • Attending meetings, conferences, and other events together and discussing them later
  • Having the mentee observe the mentor handling challenging situations
  • Role-playing situations faced by the mentee; exchanging and discussing written materials (such as a document written by the mentee or an article valued by the mentor)
  • Co-authoring a publication
  • Interacting with other people (including persons who could be of help to the mentee and other mentor-mentee pairs)

Who can join ESSAE’s mentoring program as a mentee?

Any ESSAE member can apply to participate as a mentee in the program by completing a screening process. This process will assess the interests, expectations and needs of the individual mentee so that he/she may be matched with the appropriate mentor.

What can I get out of this program?

  • Encouragement and the ability to see long-term possibilities
  • Professional development, broader networks and guidance regarding career advancement
  • A chance to tap into the knowledge and expertise of veteran association execs
  • Professional and personal growth

To Get Involved Please Contact The ESSAE Office!