Time Out Tuesday: Wellness & Recovery Series 

Join ESSAE and your association colleagues for a brand-new wellness series - Time Out Tuesday! We will meet over five (5) Tuesday mornings starting on August 4 at 8:15 AM. Each session will only be 45 minutes! So, grab your coffee, get ready to kick start your work day, and come back to center. 

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Full Series
ESSAE Member: $45 | Non-Member: $95

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ESSAE Member: $15 | Non-Member: $25

About this series

Your organization is a living entity made up of amazing individuals. Workforce recovery is going to depend on supporting our organizations' members. Our workforce has either been over or under-worked during the pandemic. Ongoing uncertainty, managing the new normal, and dealing with everyone's feelings is a reality.

Ensuring workplace mental health and recovery is a part of your strategic plan 2020 and beyond is a key leadership trend.  Our industry is dealing with major loss and change and a great deal of the workforce is hurting emotionally requiring support to address the losses then shift attention to innovation, adapting, and opportunity. How will you lead your staff?

Emotional skills can no longer be glossed over. We can no longer call it fluff, for it is more likely the key to our survival. If we can learn, grown and teach the formerly thought of "soft" skills, now thought of as "life changing" skills, the benefits are exponential.

Series Schedule: 

August 4: Addressing Burnout & Improving Wellbeing
The World Health Organization has now designated "burnout" as a medical condition. Work stress had become a way of life before the pandemic hit. Today, the stress of overwork or under-work, along with the loss of much of our social recreation,  is weighing heavily on our minds and bodies. Facing this reality and creating a plan of action to avoid burnout and improve wellbeing might be an even greater accomplishment than the feat of surviving the first half of 2020.  

August 11: The Importance of Emotional Intelligence
Recognizing, understanding, labeling and expressing our feelings, and observing and understanding those emotions and feelings in others, is emotional intelligence.  The workplace of today and into the future will depend on the heightened awareness and regulation of emotions. Recent conditions have made this even more apparent as we have adjusted to remote work, collaborating in new ways, managing change and technology, and dealing with uncertainty, all of which has been described by many as an "emotional rollercoaster." Learn new skills and improve your EQ in this session.

August 18: Cultivating Self-Compassion For Healing, Sustainability & Community
Compassionate organizations are created by compassionate leaders that ensure they understand self-compassion. In order to share this essential quality (often called the "golden rule"), we must begin by providing ourselves this courtesy. We'll review self-compassion techniques and  how they can help us all heal and build community in our "new normal".

August 25: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and How to Use It
While it seems mindfulness is everywhere, often our understanding of it is vague. In this session, we will talk about what mindfulness is, what MBSR is and how it came to be, and how it can be used to create greater awareness of stress and reduce negative impacts on our mental and physical wellbeing. Learning mindfulness and using it as a tool for stress reduction is a promising new trend for individuals, leaders, and organizations.

September 1: Resilience - Creating Empowering Perspectives and Finding the Path Forward
Resilience is a skill that can be taught and learned. In this session, we will explore how to build resilience, how to share it with others, and how to create empowering perspectives that enable individuals and organizations to grow and thrive despite conditions. The opportunities offered this year have been plentiful, testing our resolve, and now as we face recovery, a weary staff, and an uncertainty future, there is a path forward that needs to be mapped out, felt, and shared. 

Wellness Facilitator

Kim Perone, M.A., C.L.C. is a Success, Bereavement & Resilience Coach and Mindfulness Trainer at the Center for Clarity, Compassion & Contentment (CENTER4C) which she founded in 2015. She works with business professionals as a coach and also conducts workshops and seminars virtually, at her office, and in the workplace. A personal strategist, philosopher and champion for her clients, Kim adapted a 20 year career in communication to become a coach and trainer, specializing in stress reduction, mindfulness, work life balance, bereavement, resilience, and authentic success. Kim is a Certified Life Coach, with an M.A. in Organizational Communication from the University at Albany. Kim is the author of The Case for Clarity, Compassion & Contentment: Finding Your Center (available on Amazon). It is Kim's belief that when clarity, compassion, and contentment are present an inspired life is possible. [email protected], (518) 301-3593, www.Center4c.com.