Association Advocacy Day in Albany

Tuesday, May 8, 2018
Albany, NY

ESSAE will conduct an Association Advocacy Day at the New York State Capitol on Tuesday, May 8, 2018 with the goal of raising awareness of the importance and impact of associations to the life and success of New York State, as well heighten awareness by elected officials that ESSAE is the “go-to” source on all matters relating to associations.

Is there a legislative agenda? Will we be lobbying?

As we are resurrecting this effort after a much-too-long dormancy, we are truly taking the advocacy/education approach vs. lobbying for a specific agenda.

The goal for the day is to educate Legislators on the real impact of associations on the state. The GAC is currently researching and crafting a “New York Associations by the Numbers” document.  This will be our lead-in piece—then we want attendees to talk about their particular association and tout its achievements in order to reinforce the overall message.

The GAC is also currently monitoring legislative activity and if any bills are identified that could impact the work of associations, we would include this information and position in our efforts on May 8, 2017. 

Please join us for this important effort!  Whether you are a veteran of the Hill or a first-timer, the ESSAE Government Affairs Committee will have everything prepared for the day.

  • Register and let us know your Legislators.

  • If you have a connection with a particular Legislator, let us know that, too, as it will help us further our message.

  • We will have teams making the rounds. Each team will be led by an experienced advocate.

  • Appointments will be set-up for you.

  • We will hold an orientation session to discuss our plans for the day and key talking points.

  • Appointment drop-off materials will be provided.

  • Attendees will receive a “Know-Before-You-Go” packet containing the schedule, meeting locations, directions and information on parking and lunch options.

  • Attendees will be responsible for their own transportation, accommodations and lunch.

  • Come dressed for success—and ready to talk about what you do each day—and the power of associations in New York State!    

Questions? Contact Government Affairs Committee Chair Brian Buff at (518) 463-8644 or