2019: A Milestone Year for the Society

2019 marked the 40th Anniversary of the founding of ESSAE. We commemorated this milestone year and celebrated the achievements of ESSAE in advancing and protecting the work of associations and association professionals across New York State. Throughout 2019, we  shared historical insights, images, and updates on this page. If you still have a story or image showing the Society's history that you would like to share, please send it to Executive Director Vanessa LaClair at [email protected].

40th Anniversary Member Interview Project Launched!

In celebration of our 40th Anniversary, we are conducting interviews with some of ESSAE’s longest-tenured members. We’d like your perspective on ESSAE’s shining moments and how it has influenced industry change over the years; also, how it has benefited you both personally and professionally. Help us preserve our history! Share your ESSAE story!  LEARN HOW TO PARTICIPATE...  

A "Walk Through History"

To kick-off our celebration, the 40th Anniversary Task Force designed a "Walk Through History" made up of enlarged images
from the Society's Archives. Members first saw this display at the Holiday Party in December 2018, where it was well-received.

Governor Cuomo Sends Greetings & Congratulations to the Society

A letter from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo was delivered to ESSAE at the Annual Meeting & Awards Banquet on February 7, 2019.

  Click on the image to see a larger view of the document.   

New York State Legislature Honors the Society

The New York State Senate and Assembly officially recognized and honored ESSAE for this milestone year.


                                                            Click on each image to see a larger view of the document.  

A 40th Anniversary Gift for ESSAE Members

In commemoration of this historic year, every ESSAE Member will receive a lapel pin to proudly wear. 

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