Meetings, Membership, & Marketing Institute

The Meetings, Membership, and Marketing Virtual Institute & Roundtables (TripleM) program will be held over three days on the following Wednesdays - March 24, March 31, and April 14. The #ESSAETripleM is geared to bring new innovations, insights, experiences, opinions, and success stories. Come prepared to learn, as well as enjoy networking and fraternity with fellow executives and industry partners.

Registration for Wednesday, April 14 - Roundtables is available! 

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Roundtables & Wrap Session Only (April 14) - 3 CEs
8:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Member $25 | Non-Members: $35

Wednesday, April 14

8:30 AM - Welcome and Roundtables
To stay competitive and relevant in the association and meetings industries, it is important to learn from others and share best practices. The round table discussion session will allow attendees to share experiences, best practices, insights and knowledge in small groups and learn from industry peers. Everyone brings unique experience and expertise to sharing sessions! Group topics will include areas discussed during the educational sessions on March 24 and March 31 as well as several other topics from past event surveys. Each table will have a moderator to help keep the conversation going. Table conversations will be limited to 5 rounds of 20 minutes each. As this will take place in a digital space, there is no assigned seating, however, seats at each table will be limited. Feel free to select and move to tables relevant to YOU each time the bell rings. 

Be sure to tune in, as we'll kick off the Roundtables with a prize drawing!

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10:30 AM - Coffee Break

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10:45 AM - Remaining Positive in Times of Crisis (Develop Positive Habits and Managing Your Mindset)
Tyler Enslin, Tyler Enslin International

Amid the current crisis facing our world, millions of people are dealing with unprecedented levels of stress, and uncertainty. However, even in challenging times, we still possess the ability to make the best of our circumstances, develop positive habits, and manage our mindset effectively.

This highly interactive program has been specifically designed to help attendees navigate the issues caused by crisis. Thus, the content is customized to impact both career and personal aspects of life. Participants will learn strategies that can help them to control stress levels, build habits that promote growth, and focus on opportunities. As this fluid situation continues to unfold, and times of crisis transition into times of recovery, attendees can be confident implementing these techniques to continue to thrive.

  • Discover 3 keys to managing mindset and controlling stress
  • Create positive habits to promote personal growth and achievement
  • Learn techniques to stay focused and productive during challenging times
  • Create individual action items to maximize opportunities

11:45 AM - Final Thoughts / Program Concludes 

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Registration & Fees

Looking for Clock Hours and Value? The educational offerings found at the #ESSAETripleM provide attendees with access to information and peers to help members and industry professionals solve problems, make smarter decisions, improve skills sets, and become better association leaders. 

As leaders in the association space, ESSAE continues to work with our volunteer teams to find creative solutions to bring you valuable programming and member benefits. Delivering education in a digital environment means attendees could earn up to nine CE hours, even more significant value for the attendance fee! This is great news for your co-workers and colleagues too! Our virtual option will allow us to reach more people in your association who can benefit from this content! 

Everyone benefits from advanced training and development opportunities. Yet not everyone works for an organization that can afford to fund professional development opportunities for their staff - especially during this challenging time. Contact ESSAE if you or someone you know would benefit from attending this year's program, but may be holding back due to financial reasons. ESSAE may be able to help!

A Full 3-Day Virtual Registration includes access to (9) nine hours of interactive and engaging professional development (CAE/CMP). ESSAE Members must sign into their profiles to access the Member Rate. Are you an ESSAE member who has not been able to submit payment for your 2021 dues or made special arrangements this year due to financial hardship? Let us know and you will be extended the member rate for this event! Please contact ESSAE if you do not see the member rate, as guest registrations will receive the non-member rate! If you have any issues with logging into your profile, please contact us at 518-463-1755.

3-Day Package  - 9 CEs - Unavailable
The three day package provides $44 in savings for you! 
Member: $99 | Non-Member: $149

Single Day (March 24) - 3 CEs - Unavailable
Member: $59 | Non-Member: $79

Single Day (March 31) - 3 CEs - Unavailable
Member: $59 | Non-Member: $79

Roundtables & Wrap Session Only (April 14) - 3 CEs
Member $25 | Non-Members: $35

ESSAE is a CAE approved provider, formally registered with the CAE program and committed to providing education that meets the CAE Commission's standards for helping individuals earn or maintain the Certified Association Executive credential. CAE Approved Providers have received guidance on such standards and pledged to properly represent course eligibility for CAE credit. Details on how to track your points/clock hours, visit:

Important Details! 

Cancellation Policy: Registrations must be made and paid for by Friday, March 19, 2021. Registration cancellations received prior to the deadline may be eligible to receive a refund less $35 service fee. Cancellations received after the stated deadline will not be eligible for a refund. Refunds will not be available for registrants who choose not to attend an event (no-shows). Cancellations will be accepted in writing only and must be received by the stated cancellation deadline. All refund requests must be made by the attendee or credit card holder. Refunds will be credited back to the original credit card used for payment. If you are unable to attend, you may send an alternate to the event without additional charge.

Questions? Contact ESSAE: 518-463-1755 or [email protected] 


Past Sessions

Wednesday, March 24

8:30 AM - Opening Remarks / Networking
Log in early and get comfortable with the new event platform! 

9:00 AM - How to Create Intentional & Amazing Online Member Journeys 
Joanna Pineda, CEO, Matrix Group International

Many organizations are struggling because members say they can't find the information they need on their associations' websites, or they find it difficult to accomplish tasks. So what do associations do? They issue RFPs for a website redesign. But, these redesigns often cover ONLY the website and NOT AMS functions like registering for a meeting, or becoming a member, or engaging with the association.

And yet, when polled for their most important journeys, associations list journeys that involve BOTH website and AMS, the most important member journeys of most associations move across systems, through the website to AMS, or AMS to web, or website to community.

In this session, featuring examples and case studies, attendees will learn:

  • How to identify their most important journeys
  • How to map these journeys are members traverse their digital properties
  • How to work with their vendors to make these journeys better without investing in costly custom development
  • Easy things you can to make these journeys better, including design hacks and link strategies

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to understand the possibilities and constraints of your various systems.
  • Learn how to identify your most important member journeys.
  • Learn how to hold a vendor conference to articulate your vision for a consistent, smooth, and beautiful experience as members traverse your systems.
  • Learn how to document the user flows through your website and between systems to identify pain points and dead ends.  

10:00 AM - This is ESSAE Jeopardy! - Round 1
Put your CAE, CMP, and Buffalo knowledge to the test as you compete with colleagues to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

10:30 AM - Bring the Fun in Virtual Events
Alexis Simoneau, CAE, Map-Dynamics and Teri Carden, 100-Reviews

Virtual events are a new normal, and many association leaders are struggling with the challenge of creating an enjoyable experience that keeps everyone engaged. With the growing plague of Zoom fatigue, unmet expectations, and the desire to connect in meaningful ways online - it's more important than ever to bring the fun. 

For a rapid-fire showcase of examples and ideas, join Teri Carden and Alexis Simoneau, CAE for this engaging session to help your association create energy and excitement in an online environment.

Here’s what we’ll discuss:

  • Ways to create an environment that makes people want to stay online with you
  • How to facilitate genuine social connections between your attendees
  • Examples of rewarding activities that are fun, not frivolous
  • Switching up your conference schedule to avoid burnout
  • Encouraging interaction with sponsors and solution providers

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11:30 AM - Networking Break

11:50 AM - 5 Tips for a Retention-Based Content Strategy
Brianna Snyder, Senior Content Strategist, Overit

As with so many industries today, associations are all struggling. There’s not much room in the budget for ritzy marketing pushes or automated technology upgrades. But there are ways to engage your members and keep them in your association: a strategic content strategy that makes your communications more personal, more effective, and harder to walk away from.

  • Honoring your members
  • Spotlights and Q&As
  • Virtual informational sessions 
  • Awards and recognition
  • Archival/historical data
  • Volunteer benefits, opportunities, and impacts (gamified, incentivized, etc.)

Attendees will walk away with a task list of creative ideas that are easy and inexpensive to implement.

12:50 PM - Closing Remarks and Reminders from ESSAE

Wednesday, March 31

12:30 PM - Opening Remarks

12:45 PM - Creative Solutions for Association 2021 Meeting and Conference Legal Challenges
Christina Lewellen, MBA, CAE, Executive Director, Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools and 
Jeffrey S. Tenenbaum, Esq., Managing Partner, Tenenbaum Law Group PLLC, Washington, DC

The COVID-19 pandemic certainly threw a monkey wrench into associations planned in-person meetings and conferences for 2020 – cancelling most of them – but the challenges for 2021 have proven to be even greater from a legal and contracting perspective. This is because as we start to turn the corner on the pandemic – thanks to the arrival and distribution of vaccines – it has become harder and harder for associations to successfully execute penalty free, force majeure contract terminations (as so many were able to do in 2020). 

Yet many associations remain under great pressure from their members to not hold in-person meetings during much of 2021. In short, the later in 2021 that your association’s conference is, the more difficult it will be to pull off cancellations and postponements with little or no cancellation penalties. As such, hybrid meetings – part virtual, part in-person – are likely going to become the norm in 2021 for most associations, particularly during the second half of the year. But being able to pull off a hybrid meeting without your association getting hit with very significant attrition penalties for the originally budgeted-for sleeping room and food and beverage revenue minimums will be no easy task. And getting hotels and convention centers to permit significant reductions in such minimums – and the corresponding attrition penalties – has already proven challenging.

In addition, the pandemic has made contracting for new meetings and conferences even more difficult for associations, as hotels and convention centers have a renewed focus on contract provisions that were often overlooked in the past. Understand the most critical provisions and learn creative tips and suggestions that will help you in the negotiation process.

One national association came up with – and successfully executed – an innovative strategy that was the topic of extensive discussion on ASAE’s Executive Management Collaborate Forum. That association’s Executive Director will explain their approach, the process they underwent, and lessons learned for other associations. Joining her will be one of the nation’s leading association attorneys and one with extensive experience in association meeting contract issues, having advised several hundred associations this year in connection with their pandemic-related conference legal issues and spoken extensively on these issues.

This is a critical webinar that should be of great interest and importance to all associations, and one that will offer real-time, practical advice and guidance, best practices, and suggestions for dealing with the daunting challenges of dealing with your 2021 meeting contracts.

1:45 PM - 
This is ESSAE Jeopardy! - Round Two
Put your CAE, CMP, and Buffalo knowledge to the test as you compete with colleagues to win $50 Door Dash Card and support your local restaurants! 

2:15 PM - Creation of a Hybrid Emerging Leaders Institute: A Case Study
George Swain, M.Ed., CAE, Director for Evaluation and Professional Learning, New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS)

In 2011, our association launched the Emerging Leaders Institute as a two-year cohort program for promising school leaders with a focus on women and people of color. Over the past ten years, we have refined this hybrid (online/in-person) program to meet the evolving needs of our members and emerging leaders themselves in this complex and ever-changing world. Learn how one association built a program that has nurtured a new generation of leaders, enlists veteran industry professionals, highlights other association professional learning programs, and engages members more fully in the association itself. This session will include small group discussion and polling to facilitate engagement and customization of the model to a range of association types.

3:15 PM - Coffee Break
Be sure to be in the room when we spin the Wheel of Buffalo Fortune! 
Five (5) lucky winners will receive a bottle of Anchor Bar Hot Sauce!

3:30 PM - Achievement Now! Success Characteristics
Tyler Enslin, Tyler Enslin International

Tired of the same old motivational speeches on goal setting and time management? While the principles behind such trainings are often legitimate you may be left thinking: That was a great story, but how does it apply to me and my career? What did I actually learn that I can implement in my life today?

Achievement Now! Success Characteristics is a highly interactive program that was created to examine both the timeless core principles of success and specific modern techniques to implement them. For those that want to prosper in today’s competitive business market, it is essential to develop confidence, a mindset for growth and productivity, strong consistent habits, and outstanding people skills. This one of a kind program is designed to help people to cultivate these very traits. Each attendee will leave with a clear list of their own energizing goals, an action plan, and daily practices to manage their mindset and promote constant growth. Whether you aspire to take your career to new heights, build a successful business, improve your physical health, or personal relationships, this program will provide you with the tools that you need to thrive.

  • Discover simple practices to manage mindset
  • Define the features of an energizing goal
  • Build confidence
  • Break out of comfort zones
  • Create the simple disciplines necessary for high achievement